On 20 Mar 2007, at 21:27 , Jonathan wrote:
Mark, Jonathan (Integic) wrote:
Phillip says in his book not to use DTML any more.
Where? I don't say that at all in the book. I mention DTML 4 (!) times in my book and nowhere do I discourage the use of DTML.

Web Component Development with Zope 3, Second Edition, page 106:

"Note that DTML is not used for rendering HTML markup at all anymore."

This sounds pretty "discouraging" to me.

It's a fact. Look at the Zope 3 source code or any Zope 3 project out there. I haven't found this statement to be false so far. And that's what it is: a statement, nothing more, nothing less.

Either way, DTML exists in Zope3, but not the way it existed in Zope2. Would I personally recommend not using DTML for dynamic markup? Sure, I think there are better tools.

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