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Am Donnerstag, 12. April 2007 17:22 schrieb Christian Theune:

I didn't find anything in the documentation or google on this:

I want to define an interface like:

class IMySchema(zope.interface.Interface):

Later, I want to use ore.alchemist which currently is able to take a
SQLAlchemy table description and turn it into a new interface/schema.

Interesting - is ore.alchemist the package developed by Kapil Thangalevu? If
yes, is it working? I had the impression that the project is abandoned.

it is, and its working, its been in production since inception, has a number of features not present in the other sa zope integrations (schema generation, both from sa and from zope.schema, as well keyreference support, etc). unfortunately suffers a bit in that the formlib integration is currently targetting zope2/plone, but thats contained in a separate z2 product, as well as my own lack of time to promote it or work on new feature developmen at the moment.



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