Derek Richardson wrote:
Benji York wrote:
Derek Richardson wrote:
The specific case is uuids for atom feed entries. We have annotations representing feeds and I would like my uuid utility to be local to the feed annotation, thus recording and making available uuids only for entries in that feed.

How about a multi-adapter from content and feed to UUID?

Hmmm, to do that I have to be able to annotate an annotation, right? As the feed is an annotation and that is where I want to store the UUIDs. I tried this tonight and was unable to make it work - I got the following:

blah, blah, blah
File "/Users/dkr/Zope-3.3.1/build/lib.darwin-8.8.1-i386-2.4/zope/security/", line 84, in __call__
    adapter = self.factory(*args)
File "/Users/dkr/Zope-3.3.1/build/lib.darwin-8.8.1-i386-2.4/zope/annotation/", line 38, in getAnnotation
    annotations = IAnnotations(context)
TypeError: ('Could not adapt', <plone.syndication.syndication.Syndication object at 0x3741530>, <InterfaceClass zope.annotation.interfaces.IAnnotations>)

I've made it further and am now getting a TraversalError. It seems the cause is that the annotation lacks __parent__, so I can't adapt it to IAnnotations using:

Any ideas about how I can give a __parent__ to an annotation?



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