On Thursday 21 June 2007 02:06, Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
> Thanks, I temporarily fixed my problem by creating a skin which inherits
> from Rotterdam + IFormLayer, now z3c.form work.

Yes, this will work.

> It seems as if the trend is going away from ZMI - is that true? At least
> for me, customizing ZMI for my application is quite painful, it seems a lot
> easier to use z3c.layer instead.

Well, I do not think it is going to go away as a management app. However, it 
was never meant for a base of applications. You should always start with your 
own skin, for example by using z3c.layer.

> On the other hand, ZMI offers some 
> functionality, such as add/delete/cut & paste etc. which I'd have to
> rewrite for many applications, so ZMI is quite appealing, too.

I have found that the requirements of how you want to add, edit, delete and 
list is very different among applications.

> Or is it perhaps possible to use such functionality in my z3c.layer.pagelet
> - based skin?

The ZMI views were not written to be reusable. There are many components that 
it uses that you can also reuse, such as object movers/copiers or menus 
(which are very slow, so I would not use them).

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