i experiment with SOAP support for Zope.
I ┬┤ve found the package http://svn.zope.org/soap/trunk/.

After testing and exploring this package a got some questions
about it.

General Questions:

 - I see no changes since 1 year. Does someone use this package?
 - Are there any other SOAP-Zope integrations available?

Technical Questions:

 - Is it possible to let this package work like the xml-rpc stuff.
   (every method is accessable through http,xml-rpc,soap?)

 - How can i provide a wsdl file for my SOAPView?
 - Is it possible to let soap or zsi generate the wsdl file
   or should i write it "by hand"?

 - Does the package http://svn.zope.org/soap/trunk/ work with Five
   in a Zope2 environment, too? When not is it possible to
   integrate it in Five?

Thx Christian

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