On Tuesday 14 August 2007 06:45, Peter Piehler wrote:
> i have a  spreadsheet like z3c.formdemo spreadsheet.
> I copy and paste
>         <ul class="errors"
>             tal:condition="view/widgets/errors"
>             metal:define-macro="errors">
>           <li tal:repeat="error view/widgets/errors">
>             <tal:block condition="error/widget">
>               <span tal:replace="error/widget/label" />:
>             </tal:block>
>             <span tal:replace="structure error/render">Error Type</span>
>           </li>
>         </ul>
> from formui.table-form.pt into my pagetemplate. "view/widgets/errors"
> seems to be empty but validation error occurs.
> What should i do to display validation errors?

Hi Peter,

this is too simplistic. The spreadsheet is not the add or edit form, but each 
row is. So you would need to keep track of the edit row and access it to 
display all the errors. Have a closer look at the spreadsheet code again.

Stephan Richter
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