Am Dienstag, 14. August 2007 12:45 schrieb Peter Piehler:
> Hello,
> i have a  spreadsheet like z3c.formdemo spreadsheet.
> I copy and paste
>         <ul class="errors"
>             tal:condition="view/widgets/errors"
>             metal:define-macro="errors">
>           <li tal:repeat="error view/widgets/errors">
>             <tal:block condition="error/widget">
>               <span tal:replace="error/widget/label" />:
>             </tal:block>
>             <span tal:replace="structure error/render">Error Type</span>
>           </li>
>         </ul>
> from into my pagetemplate. "view/widgets/errors"
> seems to be empty but validation error occurs.
> What should i do to display validation errors?

Are you sure that view/widgets/errors are empty? I'd recommend to check that 
in the view class - maybe it's only a pagetemplate problem.

Moreover there was some problem with z3c.form + invariants, so if you use 
invariants, I'd recommend you to upgrade to the latest SVN-Version of 
z3c.form / z3c.formui.

At least for me, validation works.


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