Benji York skrev:
> Jeff Shell wrote:
>> We're working on something where we need to allow site visitors to
>> rate items. It's the basic star-rating thing. We want to keep a count
>> of the number of votes along with the current value.
> At work we've been contemplating an approach for use in some similar
> situations we want to address.
> In broad strokes: keep the updated value in memory, write the value to
> the database "periodically" (for whatever value of "periodically" is
> appropriate for the data).
> This should work well when the value changes often and loosing the most
> recent updates to the value isn't catastrophic.

I have used this approach in mxmcounter for zope 2. It keeps a dict in memory, by making it a module attribute.

Every n count it then writes the dict to disk. It has worked on my site for years with no problems.

Only a single problem has been reported by another user. Apparently a zope site crashed while writing the dict, and so left it unreadable.

After restoring the dict on file from backup the site ran fine again.


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