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the other day I commented on my blog [1] about the lack of information on the Zope3 wiki about popular/important libraries or modules (I wanted to say products but I hear that's passé). Since I brought this up, I though the least I could do was to create a page about this myself, but I need help, because I'm just a Zope 3 beginner.

Could some of you please mention your favorite or most useful libraries for Zope 3? I will research some of those mentioned and create a wiki page based on this information.

Thanks a lot.

Carlos de la Guardia

That's a really good idea! I wanted to do this once my current job is finished.
We can already browse the modules on pypi,
but it would be good to have a page that summarizes all the useful zope3-only packages, with a user point-of-view, common use cases for each package, with schemas and screen captures (if there are widgets).

And not only for 3rd-party packages, but also for the core zope3 packages. I regularly discover new components in it.
I will surely help

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