Stephan Richter wrote:
> Your use case is usually solved using a workflow framework. There are
> two workflow frameworks for Zope 3: zope.wfmc/ and
> hurry.workflow (as Christian pointed out).
> WfMC is a very advanced workflow engine based on design by a workflow
> coalition. hurry.workflow is state-based and much simpler to use but
> bears restrictions of non-generality. I would choose a framework based
> on your experience level.


I'm interested to learn more about the no-framework event approach
described in "Re: Community opinion about workflow engine" (March 2007)

It seems that approach allows workflow-like behavior to be added
incrementally, rather than committing to a state and transition design
from the start.

If you're inclined to expand upon that description of the pattern, it
would make for very useful documentation for workflow-related FAQs.


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