Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 12 September 2007 16:27, Fernando Correa Neto wrote:
I think there was a mistake in the last version of z3c.form demo. (trunk)
After running ./bin/buildout, it fails due to a develop = . z3c.form
in buildout.cfg. I think z3c.form was supposed to be pulled from svn
with a svn:externals set to z3c.form in the z3c.formdemo directory.
Checking out z3c.form inside z3c.formdemo seems to solve the problem.

You probably used the trunk version. Since the trunk version depends on unreleased packages, I list them as develop eggs. My typical folder layout looks as follows:

      z3c.form (symlink to version above)
      z3c.formui (symlink to version above)

The whole idea of buildout is, however, its repeatability. Just because you have a special way of setting up your sandboxes doesn't mean that others do it that way, too. In fact, the whole point of buildout is that everybody has the same, *self-contained* sandbox that you can set up with one command.

Not to mention that Windows users would be out of luck with the symlink approach.

I suggest svn:externals or ripping it out of the develop= line, depending on whether z3c.formdemo needs cutting edge z3c.form{ui} or not.

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