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Kevin Smith wrote:
Thanks for your reply, I'm having scaling issues and want to be in control of the indexing process. I have a large number of documents already in the system. I believe the best case for me in the short run is to prevent the initial indexing on catalog creation and if understand it correctly, recursively touching all of my objects.

Just to be clear: As far as I remember, nothing happens on catalog creation. Stuff happens on *index* creation. When you add an index to a catalog that is already aware of objects, it will make sure that the newly added catalog is up to date by forcing an indexing procedure. And yes, this will wake up all the objects in your catalog (which isn't a recursive process, nor does it mean "touch"ing in the sense of modification).

Unfortuantely, there isn't a way to prevent the execution of a selected event subscriber (which is probably what you want; you don't want to prevent the event as a whole).

Why not just disable the `indexAdded` event subscriber, add the indices, and enable it again? Ok, that means two server restarts, but there will probably be a time when you could do that and adding the indices themselves is *not* time consuming.

Or am I missing something?

Markus Kemmerling
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