Mats Nordgren wrote:
I finally got the courage to try the eggs install on Windows after reading
the documentation on zopeproject.  It worked great and I have my brand new
project working.

Great to hear.

Now here is the problem.  I'm assuming a "python install" will
download all the parts and install it into my python site-packages directory
as that seems to be what it is doing.

Yup. Note that this isn't quite recommended. Messing with the global Python installation will make it very hard to run different kinds of sandboxes (that require different versions of packages).

I suggest creating individual, quarantined sandboxes using zopeproject:

But I get an error when i get to the package.

Here is the trace.  Now I'm not sure why it is trying to get the 3.4 version
as the zopeproject downloaded the 3.5dev.  Can someone shed some light on

Searching for
Best match: 3.4.0
Running\ -q bdist_egg --dist-dir
\CHANGES.txt: No such file or directory

Yes. Somebody created a new egg that doesn't contain a CHANGES.txt. We'll try and upload a new one. Thanks for catching this.

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