Rebuilding my simple site with zopeproject & eggs.
I have an introductory demo site used for a presentation to my AUSOM programmers SIG and published as "There's Zope For Me Yet!" in Ausom News Vol 28, No 8, Sept 07.(

The original instance was called 'zope3demo' and the root folder was called 'books'. It keeps a database of book reviews and allows the administrator to edit and add new reviews. Others can view only.
That all works fine.
Trying to keep up to date I wanted to redo the presentation using eggs and zopeproject. Following the steps at the zopeproject web page, I began the new version like this:
$ zopeproject Books
etc etc ............
Before modifying anything I started the server with:
$ ./bin/paster serve deploy.ini
and the default site went well. So I stopped the server.
Next I cd to ~/Books/src/books (automatically generated folder 'books') and began adding files and folders most of which were exact copies of those in the original working site built on an instance.
$ touch
$ mkdir ~/Books/src/books/browser
etc etc ............
EXCEPT however the ~/Books/src/books/configure.zcml has to be different.
The contents of my original
had to be appended to the bottom of the automatically generated
AND another EXCEPT:
There is no equivalent file path to 'books-configure.zcml':
where one had an entry like this;
<include package="books"/>

Presumably this is now taken care of in the site.zcml which is automatically generated
and includes the same line?
I fired it up like this:
$ cd ~/Books
$ bin/paster serve deploy.ini
Starting server in PID 198.
2007-10-02T13:15:34 INFO paste.httpserver.ThreadPool Cannot use kill_thread_limit as ctypes/killthread is not available
serving on
and all goes well from there! I can add and edit reviews as before.
I wasn't able to access ++apidoc++
In ~/Books/zope.conf I uncommented the 'devmode on' line
and restarted, logging in as manager. I do get the developer mode warning, but the 'Introspector' tab didn't appear in ZMI and nor does the ++apidoc++ address work.
I tried adding the lines:
<include package=""/>
<include package="" file="meta.zcml" />
to appropriate spots in the site.zcml file
BUT I was plagued with configuration errors like this:
File "/Users/georgewright/buildout-eggs/tmpWlIac6/ zope.component-3.4.0a1-py2.4.egg/zope/component/", line 207, in getUtility ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass>, '')

Maybe someone can help?
I don't get the access logs constantly running in Terminal that I was used to.
How do I start these up?

I hope these notes can be of some help for others attempting the same thing.

George Wright

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