Lorenzo Gil Sanchez wrote:

I'm using zope.app.container.ordered.OrderedContainer in my application
and I got this error:

ForbiddenAttribute: ('__getitem__',
<zope.app.container.ordered.OrderedContainer object at 0xaf5aa6c>)

I added this lines to my configure.zcml:

  <class class="zope.app.container.ordered.OrderedContainer">

and that fixed the error.

It's totally ok when it's adding security declarations to my classes but
I feel a little bit awkward addind security declarations to Zope

Is this the right way to do? Shouldn't those lines belong to
zope.app.container's configure.zcml file?

I think OrderedContainer is a base class for your own container types. I don't see a problem if it doesn't have security declarations.

By the way, you probably want to split up your security declarations into read and write...

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