On Monday 12 March 2007, Dominique Lederer wrote:
> i would like to build a nested navigation. i would like do this as follows:
> .) one viewlet manager for the whole navigation to place in,
> .) one viewlet which is an entry in the navigation (name, target)
> .) another viewlet manager which is also an entry of the navigation but is
> used to create a new level in hierarchy
> is this the right approach, and how would you do this? Is it possible to
> nest ViewletManagers?

Yes, it is the right approach and yes, you can nest viewlet managers; you 
merely have to make the action implement the IViewlet and IViewletManager 
interface. Roger and I have done this before.

> i took a look at z3c.menu, but i dont really get it. The naming there is
> quite confusing, TabMenu, Tab, TabItem, Action?. The test also doesn´t
> show, how to build up a navigation, so i find it quite hard to get into it.
> Maybe a developer of this package could give some information.

z3c.menu provides base classes for simpler menus, such as tabs. Roger and I 
did not really do a good job developing this package, we just wanted to reuse 
the code in several projects. At some point we should develop the package 
into a serious menu implementation.

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