On Sunday 11 March 2007, Sam Young wrote:
> Can anyone suggest ways of debugging this behavior? I'm still getting
> up to speed on debugging in general and figuring out how this could be
> happening. It would be nice to examine some sort of record of the
> permissions check being performed in the problematic example so I can
> figure out what I'm doing wrong. Is this possible?

You have to first figure out what object cannot be accessed and throws the 
authentication error. Usually the traceback in the console will give you this 

You can then inspect the checker of the object and see what permission is 
required to access the name. Then you make sure your member has been granted 
this permission either directly or by role.

You might also want to look at z3c.securitytool that can help you investigate 
security issues. However, I do not know the state of the tool.

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