Hello zopers,

I'm following the Zope Book example to create custom components. I created a shelf component and a book component and I let you the guess about the containment relationship ;-)

In the web admin interface I see my components, I create them and browse them, I see the books put in (on ? ) the shelf.

BUT when I try to access via ftp, I get a "Access denied" error message, but look : ONLY if there are some books in the shelf; if it's empty, it gives me the empty listing without raising errors.

Any hint ? Why the same components are accessible by an user via the web and NOT via the ftp ?

Please don't send me to RTFM, it's a silly thing I can't stand I have to read the security part of the book for this !

And, further, in the log/access.log file I can see the http get requests but not the ftp accesses ? How do I get the ftp activities logged too ?

Also, in the etc/zope.conf file, at the bottom I see this:

# devmode
#   Switches the Developer Mode on and off.
# Default:
#   devmode off
#devmode on

what is developer mode ? What should I expect if I set it on ?

Thanks anyone for any hint

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