On Friday 23 November 2007, catonano wrote:
> Hello zopers,
> well this is my third try to ask a question, after the first two ones
> went totally ignored, in the last few days. The second one was quite
> simple: how do I instruct the ftp server to write some lines in the
> access log ?

I think nobody has looked at FTP for a while, so the answer is not easily 
produced by anyone. You will have to read the code to see how it is done.

> Silence. How comes ? Did I hurt or piss off anyone ? If so, I'm
> sorry; I'm ready to apologize as soon as someone explains me what I got
> wrong.

Silence usually means that nobody knows the answer.

> So far my components are NOT persistent. The do NOT inherit from
> Persistent nor they do implement some sort of persistence themselves.
> This is because I'm just trying to explore the containment stuff and
> I don't want to put in too many layers too early.

Then you loose!

> BUT, when in the book component, one of the views the ZMI offers is
> "content", which, as far as I know, is referred to the containers
> contents and my book is NOT a container ! I swear ! It does NOT
> implement the IContainer interface or any descendant interface !

Based on what follows, you are lying to us. ;-) As Roger suggested, try 
inspecting the object.

> Still the ZMI offers to see the contents of it. If I click on the
> contents tab a white screen pops up telling my a system error
> occurred, and the output in the terminal shows a message about a
> forbidden attribute "items" called.

This is because the system sees that the book is a container and tries to 
access attributes that have no security declaration/

> How is that ? The ZMI takes it correctly when it's about to add
> content to the shelf, proposing to add a book only, in the left bar,
> and also, inside the book component, there's no action "add" in the
> actions stripe. Still, there's the content tab in the views tabs !!

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