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Hi all,

I'm curious if there is a handy way to copy / move content objects between Zope3 instances? (where the interface definitions for those object types agree across instances of course!)

Let's say I have one Zope3 instance used for development, and another for production for any particular project. Each use local ZODB Data.fs files for persistence.

Enhancements to application functionality are tinkered with in the dev instance, and when they are ready, they are moved to the production instance. File system components are ported between instances with source control (darcs! love it!) and any application objects that need to be added to the target instance's ZODB are handled via generations evolution scripts. Couldn't be much easier.

The piece that is missing for me is the ability to move content objects between the instances.

You see - during my testing process of the new functionality on the dev instance, I invariably wind up creating new content objects to test and verify the new application functionality. Once I am satisfied of the application's behavior, and I'm ready to port the changes to the production instance - I find that I have a set of new content objects that now need to ALSO exist in the production instance's ZODB.

Currently I'm faced with creating those objects again in the production instance, and I'd really like to find away to avoid this duplication of effort. Especially because if I COULD copy / move content objects between instances, it would allow me to let additional parties test and create content objects on the dev instance and then trivially launch them to production.

This is my first cut at a sane development / maintenance strategy with Zope3 instances so any advice from a more seasoned camper is greatly appreciated!

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