Christopher Warner wrote:
On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 18:16 +0100, Brian Sutherland wrote:
On Tue, Jan 22, 2008 at 12:08:10PM -0500, Christopher Warner wrote:
We do something similar but with our Zope2 instances. With Zope3 we
don't have a ZODB and do all distribution using Debian packages.
So how does this answer the question? He's talking about ZODB instances
themselves without having to use Postgres or any other data solution
other than the Data.fs itself.

My recommendation is to either export all of the data that you want as
object and do a mass import. Or to simply copy around the Data.fs which
would probably not be the best solution but unless someone responds with
a better way :-); the only solution.
Perhaps you could have 2 Data.fs in your instance mounted at different
points. One for code and the other for data. Then you just copy the code
Data.fs around and leave the data Data.fs in place.

Eventually you'd have to create data to test the code. I guess the real
issue is once you're complete with all of the code if you should begin a
move into production to input the data there. The only problem with this
is that doing so really defeats the purpose of production. I guess it
would make sense to have a "stage to production" sort of setup where
before you hit production you have it in staging for data entry. Then
from there push it into production.

Christopher Warner

Thanks for the input Chris, and Brian.

It's true, I am looking for an easy way to move both content space objects and software space objects between ZODB storages.

I'd considered simply copying Data.fs files but I learned that there is a small but possible risk of making a copy while a transaction is incomplete, risking data integrity.

I then stumbled upon the script which can safely handle making copies of Data.fs files while the database is in use. Unfortunately it doesn't seemed to be included in my linux Zope 3.3.1 install.

I am only just starting to play with eggs, but I did find that the script is packaged with a recent ZODB3-3.8.0b3 egg install.

Even so, this approach (replicating entire Data.fs files) affords no control over the objects that are transfered between storages - it's all or nothing. This is not a deal breaker for many types of development situations, but I anticipate finding myself in other types of situations where it would be useful to be able to be able to transfer a few objects here and a few objects there - even if it required some premeditation on my part in terms of the z3 components available to me in the instances to make it possible.

My needs stem from my desire to provide the client with a dev instance, a production instance, and a sane controlled process for moving not only file system code (easy: darcs), but also content objects in ZODB or ZEO storage between the instances.

An illustration may, um... illustrate:

App is developed on the dev instance.
App works great on dev. woo!
App is launched to production using Data.fs replication.
New feature is requested.
Development of new feature proceeds on dev instance. (Meanwhile - site users are making new content objects on production.) Client tests new feature by adding the site content objects to the dev instance ZODB that the new feature was designed to allow to be added. New feature works great on dev, new content is on dev, now it's time to launch...

What now?
I have new content objects on production and dev.

This is all part of my desire to think responsibly about my development processes that involve my dev instance, a dev instance for the clients team of technologists, and a production instance.


PS Is there a way to mount multiple Data.fs files in a Zope3 instance via configuration? I've only seen it done with code in the debugger prompt.

I have found description of how to acheive this with configuration in Z2 (mount-point directive in zope.conf's zodb element), but not Z3...

If I had that capability, the only problem left for me would be the reference vs deep copy problem which occurs when using copy operations through the ZMI between storages. I had a friend recently point me towards the python __deepcopy__ api which I haven't looked at yet, and zc.copy.

As I know more...

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