Hi All,

I'm struggling with how to transform some input data into an object
property using an auto-generated formlib edit form, schema, etc. I see
how the simple flow works, i.e.:

1. Create a schema
2. Build the form from the schema
3. Use applyChanges to update context object properties with input data

But what if I want to do something other than just set an object
property ? In this case, I'm working on a content page editor where the
underlying data is stored as the content of a page template, so I want
to be able to map a form "content" field to / from the page template
content instead of a property on the page template.

Anyone got a simple example of how to go about this ? I'm guessing it's
something to do with providing an adapter on the content field so I can
override the get/set methods of the field, but I'm stuck at that point.


Cheers, Andrew.

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