When developing and/or deploying using Buildout, how do you deal with
the Data.fs? I'm particularly concerned with running on different
environments (desktop development, server development, staging,
deployment) as I don't want the Data.fs to be under source control nor
inside the application package at all, really. In some of my playing
around, I've often blown away the local Data.fs, either by doing a
'git clean' or just by tinkering with my buildout.cfg.

I know that buildout supports extending other buildout.cfg files. Is
the best option to have a different buildout.cfg for every

As a side question then, is buildout:directory relative to a config
file, or relative to where buildout is being run? I'd like to have a
base buildout.cfg in the base, but put the others in a sub-dir.



; generates zope.conf
recipe = z3c.recipe.filetemplate
files = zope.conf

here = ${buildout:directory}
site_definition = site.zcml
zodb = ${database:zconfig}
devmode = on

extends = ../buildout.cfg

recipe = zc.recipe.filestorage
path = ${buildout:directory}/var/Data.fs

extends = ../buildout.cfg

; can't remember the ZEO configs, but
; let's pretend this one sets up a ZEO client.

I should be able to run::

    myapp> buildout -c etc/jeffdesktop.cfg

And it would run relative to 'myapp', I would imagine. Anyways - is
this the best option, bad idea, better ideas? I've been basing my
latest buildout experiments on the style generated by zopeproject
(using 'paster serve', none of the zope3instance/whatsit recipes, as I
still don't really understand those and the zopeproject one seems
simpler). I've modified it by playing with some of the 'filetemplate'
recipes to try to keep any generated ZCML, zope.conf, whatever, in a
format that's easier for me to see and understand; I think I'm finally
coming up with a working buildout based setup!! Well, I've got one
working, but now I'm trying to understand it better and polish it up.

Jeff Shell
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