I easy_installed a broken z3c.form-1.7.2-py2.4.egg into my zopeproject. I'd like to fix it. It looks possible to use svn to checkout 1.7.0 or 1.8.0 right into the egg directory. Will this work or is there some setup script to run? Is there a way to get 1.7.2 via svn (_1)? Is there a better way than using svn? Any suggestions appreciated.

Also, when the eggs are fixed, will another "bin/easy_install z3c.form" be sufficient to get the missing files? Right now it tells me "z3c.form 1.7.2 is already the active version". Will I need to remove the egg somehow and re-install it to get the complete files?

(_1) There is no 1.7.2 listed at http://svn.zope.org/z3c.form/tags/?rev=83190


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