On Friday 25 January 2008, John wrote:
> I easy_installed a broken z3c.form-1.7.2-py2.4.egg into my zopeproject.  
> I'd like to fix it.  It looks possible to use svn to checkout 1.7.0 or
> 1.8.0 right into the egg directory.  Will this work or is there some
> setup script to run?  Is there a way to get 1.7.2 via svn (_1)?  Is
> there a better way than using svn?  Any suggestions appreciated.

I deleted the 1.7.2 release altogether, because it contained new features. 
That was really bad, because people would get new APIs but expect a bug fix 
release. If you remove the 1.7.2 release from your egg directory, it will now 
download 1.8.0, which is correct.

> Also, when the eggs are fixed, will another "bin/easy_install z3c.form"
> be sufficient to get the missing files?  Right now it tells me "z3c.form
> 1.7.2 is already the active version".  Will I need to remove the egg
> somehow and re-install it to get the complete files?

I believe easy_install has an update option. Yes, it does: "-U"

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