On Wednesday 23 January 2008, Jeff Shell wrote:
> Is there any preferred server to use or not use? why?

Originally we wanted to drop support for zope.server over twisted, but it 
turned out that zope.server was much more stable.

> And ... mod_wsgi. I don't know much about it, but is it better to run
> through that than to go through mod_proxy?

We played with it a little bit and got it working without any hassle. But we 
did not test performance.

> We had one new customer totally surprise us with their traffic/load
> (mostly solved, for now, due to some aggressive caching) and I'm
> interested in trying to find new setups.

I think the server itself is not really creating the bottleneck. What you 
really want to do, is keep your transaction times in Zope very small, like in 
the 100ms range, because a Zope thread is blocked for that long. If you have 
queries or tasks that take a long time (>1sec), then you should  run that in 
a thread/process that does not block the server. A good package to start with 
would be lovely.remotetask -- I hope that we will soon release an extension 
that allows you to scale it better.

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