While continuing to experiment with buildout options and restructuring
one of our applications to be self-contained, I started experimenting
with a setup based on what zopeproject generates, which includes being
able to run via 'paster serve'. I was pleasantly surprised to see Zope
run on different servers, including CherryPy.

Our deployments for the past many years have been behind Apache via
mod_proxy. I imagine this combination would continue to work just fine
with Zope running on a different server.

Seeing this post about "Trying on different WSGI Servers":
http://blog.repoze.org/fitting_room-20071029.html got me to thinking
about running on something different if we could get better
performance, although my quick tests didn't produce much difference
between `egg:Paste#http`, CherryPy, or ZServer. About the only thing
that I saw of any interest was warnings about more threads running
than there were available ZODB connections (seen on CherryPy, and I
think on Paste#http too), but I didn't spend any time configuring the
server settings aside from the serving-port.

Is there any preferred server to use or not use? why?

And ... mod_wsgi. I don't know much about it, but is it better to run
through that than to go through mod_proxy?

Or nginx?

We had one new customer totally surprise us with their traffic/load
(mostly solved, for now, due to some aggressive caching) and I'm
interested in trying to find new setups.

Jeff Shell
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