Not responding to anyone in particular:

I see there are plenty people with opinions. I would love not to do the Zope 3 
releases anymore! I am tired of the endless discussions.

Think I am frustrated? Absolutely!

All the suggestions made here require more work, more manpower. But there is 
nobody doing the work. In fact, I am not even officially the release manager 
anymore. Remember, other people took over that job, because they wanted to do 
a release every 6 months? I said back then: Forget it. Nobody believed me and 
now it has been almost a year since the 3.3.1 release. The only reason I am 
doing the releases is to tell the world that we are still out there, 
improving the framework. And Tom/SchoolTool is the perfect example why this 
has to be done.

Stephan Richter
Web Software Design, Development and Training
Google me. "Zope Stephan Richter"
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