Stephan Richter wrote:
On Friday 01 February 2008, Chris McDonough wrote:
If there will continue to be a release schedule for "Zope 3, the appserver"
It would reduce confusion to new users greatly to give the appserver
release a name other than Zope.

Well, we had to do the classic Zope 3 release at least one more time. Because the official story is still: Download the Zope 3.3 tar ball and start using it. We have to use at least one release to tell people that we are going to change the process and allow them still both methods.

Of course.

I also think that we have no solid story and/or documentation to promote the new approach. My hope is that the story and documentation will develop during the next release cycles.

All I am doing is doing something about a pretty pathetic situation. I took the least oath of resistance.

Heh.  You're doing yeoman's work.

And I am particularly tired of name change suggestions! For many reasons.

I figured it wouldn't be a popular suggestion. But I do believe it is the right thing. It would have been the right thing from the start, but there is still time to repair things.

I typed four more paragraphs full of markety stuff here but deleted them. It's not useful. If no one else thinks it's a good idea, I'm not going to push either.

- C

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