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Is there any buildout recipe for setting up a WSGI application
for Zope 3 ?  I know zopeproject is an option, but I am looking
for a recipe which does something similar.

I'm working on one very slowly.  My recent efforts to clean up
zope.server are part of this effort. There's a good chance I'll have

something by the end of the weekend.

This will be a recipe, either similar to or an addition to
zc.zope3recipes that let's you define a past-deploy based application

with a zope3 application.  My primary goal is to make it easy to
select a publication component.

This is a great news. I would love to see it in zc.zope3recipes package itself,
may be zc.zope3recipes:wsgiapp or something like that.

Here's an update. The first step is to create sane PasteDeploy app factories. zope.paste tries very hard to fit in with the current byzantine system. I appreciate the effort that went into this. :)

I decided to go back to basics, especially since my main goal is to make it easier for people to control the publication component used. I've created application factories for zope.publisher and zope.app.publisher. I've released the zope.publisher version. It is very bare-bones. It is up to users to write a full publication object to go with it.

Here's a simple buildout that creates a paster script:

  parts = paster

  recipe = zc.recipe.egg
  eggs = PasteScript
  interpreter = py

If you try this, you can create a very simple sample web server with the following config file;

  use = egg:zope.publisher
  publication = egg:zope.publisher#sample

  use = egg:zope.server
  host =
  port = 8080

Which you can run with:

  bin/paster serve --daemon config-file start

I'm working on an application factory for zope.app.publisher. This will:

- Support the request-type selection framework in zope.app.publication.

- Provide a derivative of zope.publication.browser.BrowserPublication that provides a hook for specifying an application root,
  other than using ZODB.

- Provides optional support for loading ZCML before calling the publication factory.

I've got a few details to work out and I need to write some tests. Maybe I'll release this next weekend, or the weekend after.

After this, I'll be ready to add recipes to support it.


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