On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 1:27 PM, Derek Richardson
>  Anyone else who has interest and would like to contribute questions,
>  ideas, or code is welcome to contact me, as well, or continue discussion
>  here (please cc me, since I don't regularly read this list).

Note that Malthe (cc-ed too) is interested in:

"Architecting and implementing a Zope component that can extend a
running application in a way that plays nicely with both the component
architecture and setuptools. The extensions would typically be pulled
in over the network as eggs."

which is a project he proposed as a possible summer of code project. I
see a lot of possible connections between the project you mention and
this project. I think much of this project could be architected as a
generic Python library and/or Zope 3 component (that offers some
abstractions to describe, and possibly also run, a buildout), and then
you could do the UI in Grok or whatever.


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