I replied to this privately. This has gotten so much discussion, I think I'd better clarify my position.

On Mar 14, 2008, at 8:27 AM, Derek Richardson wrote:

I am the Plone champion for the buildout builder. The buildout builder will be a web application, likely written in Grok, that will allow textually-challenged users to configure a buildout via a GUI and receive a .cfg in return.

Jim, you mentioned at PSPS-2008 that you would gladly help whoever championed this.

There was a misunderstanding or miscommunication.

I volunteered to help with a buildout-based installer. This is *much* narrower than a buildout-building GUI. My thought was that, for a simple installer, there could be GUI that asked the user some high- level configuration questions and then ran a buildout included with the software to set up instances. This is similar to what we're doing for deployments at ZC where we have high-level non-buildout configuration files that collect options that control instance installs. The instance installs are actually done by running buildouts.

I have about as much interest in a GUI to help me write buildout configurations as I have in a GUI to help me write Python scripts. :)

I do see potential benefits of having GUIs or other automation tools to help people get started assuming that the scope of these tools is very narrow. They are only either to help people get started or for people who's needs will never be anything but simple.


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