I'm trying to use a few z3c.* packages to build a little test
application : z3c.form, z3c.formui, z3c.layout, z3c.pagelet...

What I've done until now is :
 - create a custom layer :
    class ITestLayer(z3c.form.interfaces.IFormLayer,

 - create a custom skin based on this layer :
    class ITestSkin(z3c.formui.interfaces.IDivFormLayer,

 - create a pagelet based layout for my skin (via z3c.layout)

 - create an add form, a display form and an edit form for my custom
content :
    class TestAddForm(z3c.formui.form.AddForm)
    class TestDisplayForm(z3c.formui.form.DisplayForm)
    class TestEditForm(z3c.formui.form.EditForm)

 - declare these forms as pagelets (via z3c.pagelet)

Until now, everything is OK : I've created a set of custom widgets that
I can display without any problem in the different modes, and these
forms work perfectly.

My problem is that I would like to modify the default form template,
actually provided by z3c.formui template 'div-form.pt' ; so I've created
a new template, but I can't use it : I've tried to register it via
several ZCML directives (z3c.template...), but none of them is OK and my
custom template is never used !

So I just suppose that it's my ZCML directive which is bad, that I
missed a set of declarations (I didn't declare any macro, for example),
or just that the interface for which the template is registered is not
the good one...

Thanks for any help,

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