i am trying similar things, but with more basic problems.

one thing ahead:
i am very beginner, but i put very much effort in learning zope. please be a
little bit patient with me.

i have defined a layer:
class ICustomLayer(IFormLayer, Rotterdam)
using Rotterdam here, because i want to use the zmi? is that right?

class ICustomSkin(IDivFormLayer, ICustomLayer)
i use this IDivFormLayer so that i have templates for the generated forms,
because i need them because of the z3c.template package? right? i read the
readme.txt, but i still dont really know why i need this. in standard zope i
wouldnt need that.

registered the skin via zcml:
<interface interface=".layer.ICustomSkin"
<utility component=".layer.ICustomSkin"

of course set the skin as default in the overrides and this works too for
sure because i already had an error there that i fixed. (havent the
zcml-line parat)

have some views for some content:
class SomeContentDisplayForm(z3c.formui.layout.FormLayoutSupport,
      fields = z3c.form.field.Fields(ISomeConcent)
class SomeContentEditForm(z3c.formui.layout.FormLayoutSupport,
      fields = z3c.form.field.Fields(ISomeConcent)

if i try to use the view, a componentlookuperror is raised:
IFieldWidgets cant be looked up

i thought, the errors source was the BrowserRequest, which should be marked
with the skin-type. if it was it should look up the adapter from the right
layer. so i think something is wrong with my skin registration.

could please somebody help me. i'm stuck with the problem. :(
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