Guido A.J. Stevens wrote:
Hi all,

I'm trying to get the worldcookery example egg to run inside a
zopeproject buildout.

But now I'm stuck with the following traceback:

    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File
line 56.2
    ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive',
u'', u'viewletManager')

I'm aware that the book is written against Zope 3.3 and my buildout runs
3.4. However, I definitely want to get Zope3 running using buildout
since that is our preferred way of doing dependency-isolated, repeatable
development and deployment nowadays.

I've added some extra dependencies to

                        ## The following are needed for worldcookery

And included those packages in site.zcml

  <!-- worldcookery *after*
       and other dependencies-->
  <include package="zope.viewlet" />
  <include package="worldcookery" />

I've tried installing z3c.viewlet but that doesn't help. Also,
zope.viewlet.manager is present in the zope.viewlet egg.

Add this also:

<include package="zope.viewlet" file="meta.zcml"/>

Baiju M

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