Am Montag, 14. April 2008 18:55 schrieb Peter Bengtsson:
> Slightly off-topic: What mobile browsers that support XHTML don't
> support cookies these days? Don't need an accurate answer but I'm
> curious about rough numbers.

Well, I have a SonyEricsson K750i which seems not to support cookies. It does 
have some options for cookies, but they don't work.

And the SonyEricsson K550i does support cookies, but - even worse - sometimes 
does not send the cookie, which *may* have something to do with the cookie 
path and bugs in the mobile browser. In this case, the user loses his 
authentication and has to login.

So, if even such recent models have severe cookie-problems, I deduce that 
things will be at least the same if not worse in older models. But I can only 
speak about SonyEricsson models as I had not yet time to test other brands.

Moreover, WAP seems not to support cookies by design, at least in another, 
incompatible fashion, which I'm unsure how this works.

If I install OperaMini, cookies work perfectly, however, with Opera, the 
Internet connection is built up/torn down for every request, which results in 
a sloooow browsing. (Every requests lasts approx. 30 seconds to one minute). 

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