Hi All,

I have a Zope3 project that I started using 'zopeproject'.   I now want
to deploy this to an SVN server so other developers can checkout and
work on the project.  

After reviewing the zopeproject and buildout docs as well as some
examples like z3hello I still cannot decide the correct settings for SVN
admin so that I ignore the correct things and yet still give the new
developers all of the configuration requirements.

For example I want to included my buildout.cfg so they can get all of
the dependencies that are not listed in the default one from
zopeproject. I also want to include my site.zcml.

In my Linux installation instructions I have:

Install Python-2.4.x

Download and install virtual_env

python24 virtual_env SANDBOX


source bin/activate

svn co <url to svn server and application source>

Here is where the problem is though.  Should I have the user install a
zopeproject here first so that they get the correct paths setup?  What
should I do about having each user install the correct buildout.cfg
since it has hard-coded paths to my egg repository?

zopeproject was great for me getting started but now I am not certain
how to deploy this application since it is an application framework for
other developers.  I would like to have an 'oship-project' like
zopeproject/grokproject but that will have to wait I think.  



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