So, I am now thinking that I will have to have instructions in my
installation instructions that tell developers to edit the
'eggs-directory' line; correct? Also they will need to install buildout
(or zopeproject) and create a project space before doing the checkout?

You can avoid storing user specific information in your buildout.cfg by creating a ~/.buildout/default.cfg file in your home directory that contains user specific information:

eggs-directory = /Users/kteague/buildouts/shared/eggs

If you leave the eggs-directory line out of a buildout.cfg, and it doesn't exist within a developer's ~/.buildout/default.cfg file, then buildout will simply create an eggs directory inside the project and put all of the eggs there. Quite tedious if you are working on a lot of buildouts since you will have multiple copies of the same eggs, but for production deployments you may wish for the entire buildout to be placed in a single isolated location - or if your developer's are only working on a single buildout-based project then they don't need to worry about setting/using the eggs-directory setting.

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