I'm struggling with one particular concept in Zope3 and I'm hoping
someone can provide me with some insight into this.

Let me stage an example to explain the concept I'm struggling with. I
have 2 content types, a car and an orange (completely different with
no similarities besides that they are objects). I've written classes,
declared interfaces, provided browser views and page templates for
each type. I'm able to view, edit, and add these types. Now here is
where I get confused. What if I need these 2 content types to be
viewable and be modifiable on a single page? For example, say I have a
use case where I need to change the oranges cost and the cars cost on
a single edit page. Or what if I need to view attributes from the
orange and the car on a single page. So far, in all the examples I
have seen, they only ever deal with a single content type at a time.
Making a content type to meld these types into single type wouldn't
make sense. How would I accomplish this.

Thanks in advance,
- Jim
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