Am Freitag 14 November 2008 22:55:33 schrieb Jim Pharis:
> Zope3'ers,
> I'm struggling with one particular concept in Zope3 and I'm hoping
> someone can provide me with some insight into this.
> Let me stage an example to explain the concept I'm struggling with. I
> have 2 content types, a car and an orange (completely different with
> no similarities besides that they are objects). I've written classes,
> declared interfaces, provided browser views and page templates for
> each type. I'm able to view, edit, and add these types. Now here is
> where I get confused. What if I need these 2 content types to be
> viewable and be modifiable on a single page? For example, say I have a
> use case where I need to change the oranges cost and the cars cost on
> a single edit page. Or what if I need to view attributes from the
> orange and the car on a single page. So far, in all the examples I
> have seen, they only ever deal with a single content type at a time.
> Making a content type to meld these types into single type wouldn't
> make sense. How would I accomplish this.

Issues like that led me to z3c.form, which implements subforms that can be 
used to do things like that and much more.

Although it's complicated - and I tell you - it's really complicated - it's 
absolutely worth it. If you are interested, I recommend to have a look at 
z3c.formdemo which points out several applications.

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