Stephan Richter wrote:
On Monday 17 November 2008, Mignon, Laurent wrote:
Following compatibility issues of licence, all the work related to
integration between zope3 / z3c.form and extjs has been removed from the
zope repository.

Does some one say me if these developments were continued outside the zope
repository and if they are publicly available.

This is not quiet correct. I have talked to the ExtJS guys and they have added 
the ZPL to the list of licenses on their list that have an "exception".

This means that we can maintain code in the Zope Repository that builds on top 
of ExtJS but we cannot check in the ExtJS code itself.

That seems to be a good news!

That could thus allow those having developed modules integrating zope3 / z3c.form / ... 
and extjs to publish and maintain the code in the Zope Repository. 
In the same time, it would be then again possible to collaborate in their development.

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