I have the following three classes. DelegatingIndexer is a kind of 
generic implementation of the IIndexer interface (not shown, it 
basically just has a __call__ method) that delegates to a given callable 
after doing some prep work. DelegatingIndexerFactory is an adapter 
factory for the delegating indexer. indexer is a decorator that uses 
these two to allow you to do the following:

  >>> @indexer(IMyType)
  ... def foo(object, **kw):
  ...     return "some value"

class DelegatingIndexer(object):

     def __init__(self, context, callable):
         self.context = context
         self.callable = callable

     def __call__(self, portal, **kwargs):
         kwargs = kwargs.copy()
         kwargs.setdefault('portal', portal)
         return self.callable(self.context, **kwargs)

class DelegatingIndexerFactory(object):

     def __init__(self, callable):
         self.callable = callable
         self.__implemented__ = Implements(IIndexer)

     def __call__(self, object):
         return DelegatingIndexer(object, self.callable)

class indexer(zope.component.adapter):

     def __init__(self, *interfaces):
         adapter.__init__(self, *interfaces)

     def __call__(self, callable):
         factory =  DelegatingIndexerFactory(callable)
         return adapter.__call__(self, factory)

This works, but I don't understand why I need to set 
self.__implemented__ explicitly as an instance variable on the 
DelegatingIndexerFactory. Without this, I can't just do 
provideAdapter(foo), because it says that the factory (an instance of 
type DelegatingIndexerFactory) doesn't implement a single interface (in 
fact, implementedBy() returns an empty generator).

I've tried various directives in zope.interface, but I can't find a 
nicer way than just setting __implemented__ as above. Am I missing 


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