Assuming your project is using svn, you can use svn:externals property
to automatically check out the trunk version. i.e.:

$ svn pedit svn:externals .

<some editor opens and you should add this:>

z3c.form svn://

Once you have the externals set, you can add z3c.form to the list of
develop eggs and override any pinned versions in your buildout.cfg...

... some stuff here...
develop = . z3c.form
versions = versions

z3c.form =

(note the z3c.form version is specifically left blank so it uses the
develop egg)

2009/3/26 Simon Elbaz <>:
> Hi,
> I need to use z3c.form and the last downloadable release is 1.9.0 in the
> python package index.
> However, I would like to use the last version of z3c.form (trunk revision in
> How I could do that ?
> Thanks for your help
> Simon
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