On Apr 15, 2009, at 9:26 AM, Kent Tenney wrote:

> Howdy,
> Something I wonder about:
> One of the benefits offered by the Zope Component Architecture is the
> ability to use interfaces and adapters to leverage legacy code.
> To what extent is this theory being practiced?

I've seen replacement of key parts of the publication machinery, key  
parts of the security machinery, and so on.  The system is great for  
replacing and redefining "legacy" bits designed with the ZCA from the  

It also allows us to replace parts of the system with new  
implementations based on new or legacy libraries.  I've only seen this  
work with new libraries that I can think of.

I believe the Zope 2 switch from Acquisition to zope.location is an  
example of this actually working precisely as you ask.  Perhaps  
someone from the Zope 2 world can confirm or correct.

> Conversely, what about writing implementations with an eye to
> their use outside the ZCA?

I'm afraid that question is a bit too broad for me.  The zope  
community has created libraries that then are used for building  
components in ZCA-based systems...and it's easy to produce packages  
that have interfaces (so only a dependency on zope.interface directly)  
but can therefore be registered as components if desired....

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