If I'm asking in the wrong place, please redirect me, thanks.

I'm new to Zope 3 (coming from LAMP) and am having some trouble finding
resources on how best to set up my dev environment.  I will be working in
Windows and testing (and ultimately deploying) on Linux.
I'm slightly confused about what to include in my svn repo.  ...everything
from the server instance down?  That gives me the server config files, the
db and my own code, but also a lot of stuff I don't really need, no?  Also,
so far I've got 2 different directory structures on Windows and Linux.

The Linux install was created with virtualenv, and the Windows one following
the screencast "Installing Zope 3.2 on windows" from

So, obviously that's not okay, but I'm not really sure how to proceed.  I
tried installing Zope with virtalenv in Cygwin, but ran into problems.  I
just wanted to check in with some experts about the way I'm proceeding
before continuing.

Any advice or pointers to resources is greatly appreciated.


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