I have been using Zope 3 primarily on Windows platforms for last 2.5 years.
This is what I do for the typical setup:

- Install Python 2.4.4
- Install Python for Windows extensions for Python 2.4
- Install Zope 3.3.1  (the binary installer)
- Go to C:\Python24\Scripts
- Use mkzopeinstance script to make a zope instance
- Checkout my application packages into the zope instance
- Run my application

Using the binary installers for everything works fine for me.

Apart from these, I use some more packages:
- ReportLab
- Python Imaging Library
- z3c.rml
- etc.

My SVN repository consists of my application package only. I don't check in
the zope instance to SVN. After checking out the application package in my
zope instance, I need to copy the application-configure.zcml into zope
instance's etc\package-include directory.

The zope 3.3.1 instances work perfectly as Windows services out of the box.

At times I experimented with virtualenv, and grok. But haven't been able to
stabilze their workflows on Windows so far.

Web component development with Zope 3 by Philipp von Weitershausen has been
my best resource on zope 3 developement all these years. Find more about
this book at : http://worldcookery.com/About

With regards,
- Shailesh

On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 10:47 PM, Edward Zwart <ed.zw...@softserv.ca> wrote:

> If I'm asking in the wrong place, please redirect me, thanks.
> I'm new to Zope 3 (coming from LAMP) and am having some trouble finding
> resources on how best to set up my dev environment.  I will be working in
> Windows and testing (and ultimately deploying) on Linux.
> I'm slightly confused about what to include in my svn repo.  ...everything
> from the server instance down?  That gives me the server config files, the
> db and my own code, but also a lot of stuff I don't really need, no?  Also,
> so far I've got 2 different directory structures on Windows and Linux.
> The Linux install was created with virtualenv, and the Windows one
> following the screencast "Installing Zope 3.2 on windows" from
> http://wiki.zope.org/zope3/Zope3Wiki#tutorials).
> So, obviously that's not okay, but I'm not really sure how to proceed.  I
> tried installing Zope with virtalenv in Cygwin, but ran into problems.  I
> just wanted to check in with some experts about the way I'm proceeding
> before continuing.
> Any advice or pointers to resources is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> e.
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