Marius Gedminas wrote:
On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 12:34:03AM +0900, hass wrote:
I'm experiencing a problem with security declarations in OOBTreeItems.
The following setting which used to worked with an older version of failed after upgrading to 3.7.2.

What version did you use before?

the error occurs in a view when I try to see if a filename is already in self.context.keys():
  File "pdfprofile/", line 151, in extractData
    if data['filename'] in self.context.keys():
ForbiddenAttribute: ('__contains__', <OOBTreeItems object at 0xb71c7570>)

You could use

      if data['filename'] in self.context:

instead, and avoid the OOBTreeItems completely.

Well, I was using 3.5.0 before but that doesn't seem to be the issue because when I check the older version, it didn't declare any permission for OOBTreeItems as well. The thing is that I updated my whole repository to the latest versions, so its really hard to figure out what has caused this change of behavior across versions.

Now I believe I have correct declarations on the self.context. The problem only arises when I try to look inside the self.context.keys() which is a OOBTreeItems object.

When I try to check the security declarations, I get an empty list meaning no declarations at all.

I don't think I remember (and before
that) ever declaring permissions for OOBTreeItems...

 >>from import getTestProxyItems

Do I have to declare them myself? shouldn't these declarations come as default?

Good question.  I don't see why not.

My problem was solved by using "if 'something' in self.context" instead of "if 'something' in self.context.key()". Thanks alot! But is there basically no other standard use-case scenario of OOBtreeItems imaginable?
Is that why the declarations are not being made by default? just wondering.

Thanks again!
Marius Gedminas

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