Hello everybody,

We have used Zope a few years ago... had to stop rather abruptly... and now
are attempting to get back into using Zope.

Most of the work we have done is in Zope 2.7.x, while some work dates from
much earlier versions.

Is it right that we would need to install the *exactly* original Zope
versions ( or is it *major* original Zope version?) to get our old work up
and running?

If we want to reuse that work in Zope 2.13 and continue from there, is there
a transition path without installing old versions?

We also have some work in Zope 3.1. Should we go in for BlueBream now?

What should be the Zope2 learning path for new entrants (fresh out of
college, with fair Python knowledge)?

Advise would be highly appreciated.

With Thanks.

Milind Khadilkar
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