Thanks, Jan-W

Because we already have taken pains on Zope3 configuration for them,
intending to port them to Zope3:). We did not get there though.

Actually, these applications are fairly intricate in terms of the
domain issues they handle. We feel good knowledge of the inner
structure of these applications would be good for developers to
have... Zope3 would "force" them to have that, I suppose.

There is also some sense of "solidity" (apart from awe) about Zope3
which I do not get with Grok.

But all this is based on my extremely limited understanding of the
three platforms today, compounded by a hazier understanding of the two
platforms of yesteryears. So I am likely to be totally wrong and am
open to knowing better.

Thanks, again.

On 2/24/11, Jan-Wijbrand Kolman <> wrote:
> On 2/24/11 2:17 AM, Milind Khadilkar wrote:
>> We are planning to rebuild the smaller ones from scratch, using Grok.
>> The four larger ones we would like to migrate to Zope 2.11 using Python
>> 2.6 (or to Blue Bream, maybe)
>> We have one application in Zope 3.1 which we would probably extend
>> further in Zope 3.4 or Blue Bream.
> Out of curiosity - and I'm biased of course ;) - what leads you to
> consider Grok for the *smaller* apps and not so much for the bigger apps?
> kind regards, jw
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