Actually, I'd like to see Zope interface with "more" languages (Java, C++
etc.)  There are a number of areas that Python performs poorly (I'd prefer
to write encryption algorithms in C, personally) and there are areas where
Python performs very well (OO modelling).  I think if people are upset that
they may have to extend their knowledge base to be Zope "experts" than this
is a little silly.  Do I have to be an Oracle/MySQL/SyBase/etc. to know
Zope.  No - I benefit from Zope being able to handle all of these database
sources.  If someone has written a Zope product that "works" I really don't
care what language it's in (ok, I "do," but not entirely :).  If it's broken
then I'll fix/extend/rewrite it.  The fact that we can leverage Perl
resources now and port them over time (if it even makes sense to do so) is
beneficial.  If it ain't broke...  Of course, there are many Perl apps out
there that would benefit greatly from the Zope environment and people will
eventually port them over if Python will make them better.  And, if not,
there are books on Perl that would enable a relatively competent Python
programmer to hack their way through it.

Just my $0.02 worth.


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